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Your new web shop is about to launch but you still haven’t got an attractive sales content? The opening rate and clicks of your e-mail campaigns are rather poor? Your catalogues and mailings simply lack of powerful statements?

It does not matter how fast technology and the media change, there will never be a way to work around a well written attractive text. Because only those who address their target group with the right arguments will be able to achieve the expected sales success.

Writing is an art form; not a job that can somehow be rapidly obtained. This applies both for advertising texts in one’s own country and their perfect translation and adaptation for all international campaigns. Because even the best product will not be sold with a bland text. And not to forget the cultural particularities and legal conditions, which are essential in any country!

If you too want to increase sustainably the result of your print and online campaigns, come and talk to us now! We deliver attractive copy for the country of your choice in record time and at fair prices!

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Susanne Hornikel
Managing Director

February 2018

Exclusive at Direct Success: Cyrillus – French fashion and interior

We hope you had a good start in 2018! We would like to present you the perfectly up to date address list and interesting parcel insert potentials for your next customer acquisition campaign.

Cyrillus offers its customers the latest fashion and interior design collections from France for women, men, children and babies. The combination of a timeless, elegant, classic look with stylish fashion trends will always ensure the perfect touch. This high-quality range of products includes also refined household textiles and exclusive accessories and decor items for a unique and beautiful home.

The buyers – mainly women with a high purchasing power and a high education level – were acquired through catalogs, inserts, online marketing and Facebook. Cyrillus customers are responsive to high-end product offers for beauty articles, fashion, decoration and accessories.

Because Cyrillus is active in Germany and Switzerland, up-to-date list counts and parcel insert quantities are available for each of those countries.

For more information about counts and pricing, have a look at our datacards!

Address-file : Germany  Switzerland

Parcel inserts :  Germany

Of course you can also rent the French Cyrillus file and parcel inserts via Direct Success.

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Susanne Hornikel
Managing Director

January 2018