Business partners

“To do everything solely can be a sign of the untalented.“
Richard von Schaukal 

In order to provide you with the best solution, we are always working together with reliable providers from different specialist fields. Moreover, in order to convince yourself of the efficiency, we present some selected partner companies to you…



Stylenamics is our partner for Online Marketing for Fashion Brands.

With its full service approach and specialization in the Fashion Market, our partner covers all services for a sustainable online marketing strategy for fashion: development of digital marketing strategies, online-shop optimization, search engine marketing, social media platforms, fashion sites and shopping portals. Stylenamics generates new customers, turns them into long-standing customers and establishes your brand digitally.

The team knows the challenges of the digitalization of the Fashion Market through its experience with over 80 brands in the fashion and accessory segment.

The services of Stylenamics focus on search engine advertising (SEA), search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate management, social media advertising (SMA), display advertising as well as on cross channel marketing planning and e-commerce consulting. Purchase recommendations play an important role in the fashion and lifestyle domain, this is why Stylenamics relies on high potential multiplicators through influencer marketing. Retargeting (re-)activates specifically existing and potential clients.

The customized campaign management and targeting are reached through individual contents and a creative approach for concepts, implementation and further development of the marketing measures, combined with data driven solutions. Its specialization and yearlong experience makes Stylenamics a competent partner for Online Marketing for  Fashion Brands.

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