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A mail order company for wines and delicacies throughout Europe is in desperate need of consulting in order to optimize its new customer acquisition in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Thanks to a consequent analysis of all measures with print and online media, it was possible to develop an optimal strategy about the ongoing process and to achieve a clear increase of the results.
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A multi-channel mail order company for high-quality fashion would like to expand its business. Within a comprehensive market study the essential framework of each country has been looked into. Moreover, it has been combined to a complete handling recommendation. At the moment, this company is close to launch on the market that was described as most profitable in the study.
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A globally active b2b company would like to optimize its complete catalogue concept and adapt to the country-specific conditions. Direct Success is not only adapting the graphics and copy, but also taking over to complete adaption of the order forms and services for every single country. Result: the catalogue exactly hits the nerve of the special target group in every country.
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An e-commerce company for baby products is looking for new customers in 7 different countries. Via a global lead generation campaign the required number of leads has been generated at a stipulated budget. Within a drive-to-web campaign, inserts in parcels and magazines will attract more prospects with an engaging offer to the website of the company.
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A globally active b2b multi-channel company would like to optimize the results of the new customer acquisition. Thanks to an exact analysis of the customers together with corresponding additional information out of an external database, a creation of a valid score card will be achieved. This scoring model will separate the good customers from the ”cherry pickers”. Within their next print campaign, they will only address the companies, that are very likely to order and are also the most profitable over the long term for the mail order company. Cherry pickers will be completely eliminated from new customer acquisition.
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A mail order company for nutrition supplements needs exact information about what the competitors are doing as well as a detailed comparison of their prices and services. Direct Success permanently creates the desired assessments of all kinds of print and online campaigns. Thus, the mail order company can directly react to the offer of its competitors and start convincing them through real top offers.
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An international logistics company would like to offer its customers a platform with detailed information about European dialogue marketing. Within our workshop, all corresponding contents as well as a precise action plan about the project’s implementation will be worked out.
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