Benefit from our international dialogue marketing know-how

Direct Success is the specialist for consulting and project management when it comes to the international dialogue marketing, mail order trade, and e-commerce. Thanks to our customized services, you will find the best solution for your company. For b2c and b2b, for print and online.


Successful dialogue marketing is based upon long-planned strategies, with results that can be measured daily. Nevertheless, sometimes there is simply no time or no distant view in order to fundamentally question and objectively judge basic topics.

Whether you wish to get a focused, well-prepared and single consultation; an overwhelming analysis of your campaigns; or a permanent consultation about dialogue marketing – we look forward to supporting you.

We can provide detailed analysis of your complete new customer acquisition, new strategies in order to optimize your customer retention, the search for strategic partners, or a detailed strategic concept about internationalization.



How many customers do I have in France, ? Will I be allowed to link premiums with the order in Sweden? Which b2b lists are available in Hungary? And what are the data protection regulations for different media channels in Italy?

We will answer those and many more questions within an initial potential evaluation or a detailed market study when it comes to your target countries – both throughout Europe and the world! Only detailed information about all market-specific conditions will give you the best basis for your market entry and avoid unnecessary failures in international business.

Maybe you’ve already opted for a target country and taken care of all necessary basic information? However, you still urgently need information about your most important competitors, their market potential, products, prices and market strategies? Thanks to a customized competitor analysis, you will get a detailed insight into the market and therefore have the best starting conditions when it comes to expanding your business.



Even absolutely convincing concepts will wear out some day. Even well-performing email creatives will have a certain space for optimization. Not every advertisement format is adaptable to another country.

Whether judging a current concept or a complete new design, the optimization of an existing advertisement, or the translation and adaption of your website or your catalogue for other countries – we will design and execute campaigns that are not only beautiful but above all well-selling!

The adaptation of country-specific particularities, formats, and legal requirements are implicit. We will be happy to manage your complete campaigns from design to printing and from print shop to the postal delivery. Of course not only throughout Germany, but also in any country you do business in!



Are you looking for the best possible target group? The target group that directly responds to your offer, places an order and pays on time? We will not only support you with the definition of the ideal target group, but also with the complete campaign management:

Whether b2c or b2b, postal mailings, email campaigns, lead generation, or telemarketing – we know your target group! Our know-how will always guarantee a customized list and partner selection on the basis of our long-term experience. We know the entire range of relevant mail order buyer lists, databases and media partners, both in Germany and even beyond the European borders.

Are you planning a competitive drive-to-web campaign, or would you like to directly acquire new customers via inserts? Direct Success knows which mail order companies accept which type of parcel or catalogue inserts, and what are the monthly potentials. Moreover, we also know which kind of magazine titles hit the nerve of your target group in another country: thanks to detailed information about the total circulation, subscribers as well as technical requirements, and of course best calculated prices.

Whether online or print – catchy advertisements fit the best when acquiring new prospects or generating direct buyers via attractive offers. Simply start testing our ability: whether an advertisement in a newsletter addressed to families with children, a pop-up on the website of a b2b portal, or the complete outside back cover of a television program magazine – we know the best title for your international new customer acquisition.



You find all datacards with most updated counts in our member area!



Before every direct marketing campaign there is the professional preparation of customer addresses and all outside lists: you will get formatting, postal cleaning and deduplication, in the best quality and at top conditions throughout Europe!

You would like to clean your inactive addresses, enhance your own customer addresses with additional data, optimize the results of your new customer acquisition through solid scoring models and increase the click rates of your email campaigns or create a complete mail history?

At Direct Success you will get everything from one source. Reliable, fast, and at fair prices.



In order to immediately evaluate your competitors in the best possible way and beat them considerably, we offer an easy and efficient service package:

  • Together with you, we will define the list of your most important competitors;

  • We will analyze the entire development and customer service through test orders;

  • We will constantly deliver you detailed reporting of the whole follow-up information including all print and online campaigns.


You will know exactly what your competitors are doing at what time as well as how you can benefit from this know-how for the optimization of your business.



You would like to continue expanding, and first you need an overview of possibilities in all target markets? You are interested in optimizing the link between online and print? Or your team needs training when it comes to dialogue marketing? Within a joint workshop – at your premises, in our company, or at a neutral location of your choice – many topics will be treated quickly and efficiently:

  • New ways of new customer acquisition

  • Ideas for customer retention

  • Country workshops, in which you will get an initial overview about the different markets

  • The targeted use of sales promotion instruments

  • The further education of new employees or teams on certain topics


You have the choice! Mainly the certainty to get ahead your business.